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My name is David, my partners and I would like to show you our artwork.

For many years we have been photographing landscapes and environmental images with the intent of inspiring the viewer. How does one bring out the beauty of something that is plain or just simply boring?  Something people drive past every day without noticing. 

I feel that it is not enough to simply photograph an object or person. There has to be something that draws the viewer in and holds their attention.

You look at this image and wonder, 

"Is this image real?" 

"Is it digitally enhanced?" 

Ruins II  by Eric David Rehn

Think back to the last time you flipped through a magazine  or newspaper. How many of the pictures in any of the advertisements  can you remember? In most cases you can't...

 There was no impact.

If a picture is worth a thousand words. The story it tells must catch ones interest. If an image is boring then no one will "read" it. 

All it will be is wallpaper.

Can you remember the image at the top of the page? No special effects or enhancements were used, and most important... 

You remember it.

As artists we are thrilled when we create something with this much impact. 


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We are commercial, architectural and fine art photographers with a truly all unique style and we want to be your photography studio of choice. Sales is what commercial photography is all about. Illustrative images are about selling a concept

Japan is a very beautiful place and some of the best cameras are made there. Our photographers photograph business and commercial portraits. How would you like people to see your business. Remember Owl & Dragon Photography for your commercial photography assignments. Wollongong is a place I want to visit same with Launceston, Perth, Sidney and Hobart. We do assignment photography but haven't in Australia yet. On the south side, Christchurch, Dundin, Invercargill and Timaru are close to my home climate. It has been my dream to visit New Zealand. Auckland, Wellington and Hastings are calling to me. When I was about ten years old I wanted to move to New Zealand and become a sheep rancher. I seem to have settled for a small flock of barren ewes, each dyed a different color of the rainbow.

As architectural photographer I would love to photograph in Kobenhavn, Stockholm or Helsinki. I think Palma, Roma and Athínai are beautiful but I want to visit Genève, Lausanne, Bern and Zürich. To photograph a corporate report in Wien, Graz, München, Frankfort or Mannheim would make me a happy photographer. I need to visit my family in Glasgow, Manchester or Edinburgh.

Our studio takes portrait Photographs of executives from Osaka, Naha, Tokyo and Numazu in formal business portraits. I really enjoy Anime, Tenchi Muyo is one of my favorite TV shows. I want to capture a beautiful image with Mount Fujiyama in the background. I have wanted to visit Sapporo Hakodate and Niigata the climate is great.